Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400N 400K BTU Natural Gas Polymer Header Pool and Spa Heater Review

Zodiac-LXI400N-Natural-Polymer-HeaderThe Jandy LXI400N swimming pool heater runs on liquid propane, but the gas heater still meets and exceeds all relevant environmental standards put in place. One of the worst types of pollution is NOx pollution (such as emission of NO and NO2); these gases, which are typically created by cars and other man-made machines, are a main source of smog and poor quality of air. However, the LXI400N is known for having low NOx emissions, especially for a gas-run machine. Moreover, the heater is so efficient that it has the potential to actually save you energy costs. Its heat exchanger (C-Fin) increases its performance by pulling hot air away from the internal parts. The efficient motor allows the heater to run for less time while achieving the same results, thus requiring less money to operate.

At 400,000 Btu of heat, the LXI400N is capable of heating very large pools efficiently – as large as 40,000 gallons in warm areas, although if you live in a colder climate or if the pool has no exposure to the sun, 35,000 gallons would be an appropriate sized pool for this heater.

This liquid propane/natural gas heater can be used either outside or inside; however, it is recommended that you hire a licensed professional who has experience in related matters to install the LXI400N in order to avoid complications. In addition, it is recommended that carbon monoxide sensors be installed nearby for safety reasons. The pilot light automatically turns on when the heater is running. In addition, the heater’s control panel comes with its own light, and you can use the panel to alternate between the two built-in modes: pool and spa.

Jandy gives the option of buying accessories to enhance the performance of this heater; these include various pumps, lights, filters, and heaters. These products work in synergy and improve the overall performance of the system. Other possible add-ons include a water-resistant remote control and a control panel that can be mounted on the wall or side of a deck. This one control panel gives users the ability to turn on and off lights in the pool and jets in the spa, as well as the ability to control the speed of the pumps and the temperature of the water.

The LXI400N can manage pools as large as 40,000 gallons, and comes with an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly motor. This has the dual effect of heating a pool for less money and reducing air-quality-diminishing emissions. It can be used alongside other equipment from the same company, and has many options for remote control of the unit.

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