Where are the Best Places to get Swimming Pool Supplies?

swimming-pool-supplies-equipmentSwimming pool or spa owners normally get all their supplies from a local retailer. These supplies include filters, test kits, equipment, and chemicals. They may even ask for recommendations from the retailer. But, their options are limited at a price set by the retailer. The following list shows a number of swimming pool supply retailers and online stores offering everything you may need for your swimming pool.

The supplies of the retailers on this list are expected to be available online.

Aqua SuperCenter

Supplies and Equipment Available: Aqua Center sells swimming pool equipment, covers, components, chemicals, games, floats, toys, and liners. They also offer spas, above-ground swimming pools, fireplaces and fire pits, garden equipment, pet supplies, outdoor recreation supplies, and outdoor furniture.

Website: aquasupercenter.com

Best Buy Pool Supply

Supplies and Equipment Available: Best Buy Pool Supply sells chlorinators, cleaners, purifiers, chemicals, filters, heaters, and cartridges. They also offer control systems, spa ozonators, pumps, blowers, switches, filers, and lights.

Website: bestbuypoolsupply.com


Family Leisure

Locations: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas

Supplies and Equipment Available: Family Leisure sells swimming pool equipment, covers, chemicals, accessories, and liners. They also offer above-ground swimming pools, pool tables, patio furniture, tanning beds, and outdoor equipment.

Website: familyleisure.com

In the Swim

Location of the Outlet: 320 Industrial Drive, West Chicago Illinois

Supplies and Equipment Available: In the Swim sells swimming pool filters, cleaning supplies, toys, liners, and accessories. They also offer opening kits, spas, floats and toys, and components.

Website: intheswim.com

Inyo Pools

Supplies and Equipment Available: Inyo Pools sells replacement components, filters, heaters, cleaners, pumps, and motors. They also offer swimming pool covers, motors, cartridges, salt systems, and grids.

Website: inyopools.com

Leslie’s Pool Supplies

Locations: Leslie’s Pool Supplies has over 850 stores. They also have an online presence.

Supplies and Equipment Available: Leslie’s Pool Supplies sells swimming pool chemicals, components, accessories, toys, floats, and games. They also offer swimming pool equipment, hardware, swimming pools, and hot tubs.

Website: lesliespool.com


Locations: Eastern part of the United States

Supplies and Equipment Available: Namco sells swimming pool accessories, cleaning supplies, accessories toys, liners, chemicals, and winterizing kits. They also offer swimming pool equipment, above-ground swimming pools, bars, billiards, and outdoor furniture.

Website: namcopool.com/us/

Pool Plaza

Supplies and Equipment Available: Pool Plaza sells swimming pool supplies, filters, chemicals, cleaners, and lights. They also offer heaters, equipment, chlorinators, components, and above-ground swimming pool part and supplies.

Website: poolplaza.com

Pool Supply 4 Less

Supplies and Equipment Available: Pool Supply 4 Less sells swimming pool cleaners, supplies, and equipment. They also offer swimming pool components and spa supplies.

Website: poolsupply4less.com

Large-Scale Stores and Major Retailers

Some homeowners have started to visit large-scale retailers for their pool supplies rather than going to their local retailers. These stores include Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco. The season determines available supplies so you should get in touch with the local branch of these stores.

Doheny’s Pool Supplies

Location: 502 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Supplies and Equipment Available: Doheny’s Pool Supplies sells swimming pool equipment, chemicals, liners, cleaners, accessories, and covers. They also offer pool-opening kits, spas, and above-ground swimming pools.

Website: doheny.com

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