What is a Swimming Pool Coping?

pool copingKnowing the Different Parts of the Swimming Pool

Coping is needed if the in-ground swimming pool is made of concrete. Coping is a cap used on the edge of the swimming pool. Aside from being necessary, it also adds to the visual appeal of the pool. It makes the swimming pool look better. The coping is the top edge of the swimming pool the swimmer hangs on when they are inside the swimming pool.

Coping is installed on bond beams. It covers the concrete edges of the swimming pool. This covers the steel bars inside the walls of the pool.

Coping also prevents water from the pool from going over the pool shell. It is integrated into the finishing and the tiles of the pool.

Coping makes sure water from the pool will flow out away from the swimming pool. It brings water into the deck drains. Coping should be designed to tilt away from the swimming pool.

Coping comes in straight lengths, curved sections, or corners. The stones are normally a combination of white and gray concrete. It also has a porous finish. Some swimming pool designs use wood decking or concrete rather than coping stones. They extend into or over the edge of the swimming pool. The materials used include brick, synthetic decking, or flagstone.

Useful Function and Materials

Aside from enhancing the look of the swimming pool, coping also gives the swimming pool a non-skid surface where swimmers can walk on.

Coping used on concrete swimming pools can use different materials, including natural stone, precast concrete, and tile.

Companies manufacturing paves or pool deck products also offer different copings and pool edging materials. These include bullnose styles. They are used to ensure the pool and the deck appears seamless.

Coping Used on Vinyl Swimming Pools

Some dealers and builders offer do-it-yourself kits or packages for some in-ground swimming pools.

There are three main kinds of coping for these swimming pools. These are typically lined with vinyl.

  1. Top-Mounted Coping: These are the most common kinds of coping used on vinyl in-ground pools. They are also called half-round or C-channel coping. They use heavy aluminum featuring an all-weather finish. These copings are used to form the pool deck on. Once it is installed on the pool wall, it is ready.
  2. Cantilever-Edged Coping: Foam is installed along the top of the pool wall. After this, the concrete deck is poured to make the deck that goes up and over the edge of the swimming pool. Staining or stamping can be used to decorate the concrete.
  3. Flat-Mounted Coping: These are not really copings. Instead, they are tracks to hold the pool liner, where conventional coping stone is mounted.

Options to Using the Pool Coping

If you do not like using coping on the swimming pool, you can enlarge the wood or concrete decking of the swimming pool. You can extend it over the swimming pool edge until it goes around the perimeter. This gives it a seamless appearance. You can see this in the backyards of custom and modern homes.

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