Understand the different parts of your swimming pool

swimming-pool-supplies-equipmentHow knowledgeable are you of your pool and related equipment. If you put in the time and effort to maintain the pool you should have at least a basic understanding of what is going on. Let’s take a look at the important parts of the swimming pool, so in the event of repairs or maintenance, you will have a better understanding of things like the filtration system or surface skimmer.

Swimming pool parts and equipment


You don’t visit your local pool store and ask about buying a backwasher. While the staff will have an idea of your needs, it will show that you aren’t clued up on the different pool terms. Whether you plan to shop online or visit a local store, it is useful to know terms like backwashing when it comes to maintaining the pool.

A clue: the process of backwashing is a very critical one. Learn why it is so effective to properly maintain and clean your pool.

Cartridge filter

The cartridge filter is convenient, effective, safe and gaining in popularity with pool owners, and doesn’t need disposal or backwashing.

Centrifugal pump

Discover the workings of a centrifugal pump by completing this simple science 101 project.


Coping helps to cover the steel that projects from the pool’s walls and prevents water getting behind the shell of the pool. Learn other uses of the pool coping.

DE Filter

The main component of the DE pool filter is of course diatomaceous earth. Find out way pool owner’s rate this as the preferred type of filter system for the pool.

Gas Heater

The gas heater continues to be the most popular choice to heat the residential pool, even though solar seems to grab the most attention. Find out why the gas heater is great for heating spas and small pools.

Main Drain

The main drain is typically located at the deepest part of the residential pool. Learn more about its primary purpose.

Pumps and motors

The pool pump and motor are designed to pull water from the spa or pool and return it back to its original place. Discover why this is an integral part of the swimming pool and how it happens.

Sand filter

The sand filter is one of the many filter choices to use with your swimming pool. Discover the right filter for your particular pool and the prop and cons of the different choices.


The skimmer is a common feature of the residential pool and helps gather up surface debris. Learn the types of debris collected and its all-round functions.


The weir is used in combination with the skimmers. Discover why both are essential parts of the pool.

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