Types of Pool Cleaners: Which One Is The Best?

If you have a swimming pool, you may use it for entertaining, swimming or just keep coon in hot summers. However, this is not the whole story and the regular maintenance is very important. If you just don’t want to hire a spa or swimming pool cleaning service, a pool vacuum cleaner is a must-have pool cleaner to help you clean and maintain your swimming pool and spa. I think no one would like to have a dirty pool that may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, or a green swamp. And your neighbors may ring your doorbell and complain about the dirty swimming pool.

Therefore, no matter you build an in-ground pool or just buy an above-ground pool, the next purchase should be a pool cleaner. Well, how to find the best pool cleaner? On the market, there are so many different types of pool cleaners and you should choose the right type according to your condition. Well, which one is the best one for your tub or pool? This is not an easy question and in this post, we will discuss the possible types of cleaners and tell you their pros and cons. We hope these information can help you choose the right pool cleaner for your pool.

Manual Cleaning with a Telescoping Pole

At the beginning, you can choose some manual cleaners, like skimmers, brushes scrub brushes and handheld vacuums. Most of them attach to a telescoping pole, so they can even access the deepest area in the pool. These manual cleaners can help you scrap the pool sides and bottom. Yellowish and green algae can also be swept off. However, the cleaning process is a bit time consuming. If you don’t care about this, it is really a good upper-body workout and it is also inexpensive.

Handheld Pool Vacuums

handheld-pool-vacuumUsing a handheld pool vacuum is similar to vacuum the floor in your home. You just need to maneuver the pool vacuum across the surface of your pool. Such a handheld pool vacuum doesn’t have mechanical parts. And it is an inexpensive option when it comes to improving the pool filtration system.

However, if your pool is very big, you may need more time to clean the whole pool, up to several hours. And count on backwashing the pool filter after vacuuming to cost more time. If you need one, you can read our reviews: best handheld pool vaccums reviews.

Suction Pool Cleaners

SuctionPoolCleanersThese cleaners are also called as suction-side cleaners which connect to the water intake and use the pump suction power to collect debris. These cleaners only work when the pool pump is just running at the same time. This also means they will use more energy than other types of cleaners. And they need more-frequent filter cleaning, so DE will be consumed.

If your pool already have pool pumps and filters and they are the right size, you can choose a suction-side cleaner, but make sure they are in good condition. And you may need to backwash your pool filters, because more dirt will be added to the filter than usual.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Hayward-RC9740Robotic pool cleaners become more and more popular in recent years. They are automatic pool vacuums. They have their own power system and are independent of the pool circulation system. And they are considered as the most energy-efficient pool cleaners. They are self-contained system with a built-in motor and filter and can grab even the smallest particles. Some units even come with some fun features, like remote control for four-wheel drives and spot cleaning. And you also can use it to clean an above-ground pool that doesn’t have a skimmer basket. All you need to do is to watch how it works.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pentair-LL505G-pool-cleanerThese types of pool cleaners are also called as pressure-side cleaners. They use the pool pump’s power to speed up their movement on the pool’s surface. Similar to robotics, they also have their own power systems. However, they are mounted on the wheels, so they don’t scrub the surface as other contact-type models do.

And they don’t place any pressure the pool filter, thanks to their own filter bags. If you want your pressure cleaners to become more powerful, a booster pump will be a good choice. If your pool is always full of large pieces, or a larger amount of dirt and debris, they will not disappoint you.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

More luxurious in-ground pools have their own in-floor clean systems which are automatic vacuum systems. And they cannot be installed and only can be installed during the construction process. Therefore, if you want to have them, you need to add them during the construction process.

Generally, jets are installed into the pool’s bottom and connect to the return line. Once the system is turned on, a high pressure swirl of water will be formed due to its booster pump.

A very strong water current is produced, both debris and dirt are forced to go through the main drains. These debris and dirt will be siphoned out of the pool and then they will be transported to the pool filtering system.

Of course, they are only perfect for in-ground pools. And they are expensive and should be taken into account in the planning stages of building a pool. If you buy a new house with an in-ground pool, you can check whether it has an In-Floor Cleaning Systems. If it is true, you can take a good use of it to clean your pool.

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