Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm Review

Techko-S187D-Safe-Pool-AlarmAs a pool gate alarm, the Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm can alert you when your pests or children try to access your pool area. The installation is pretty easy. You can attach it to a gate, a door or an entrance to your pool area. Once its magnetic sensors are disconnected, it will sound alarms to tell you someone tries to enter your pool areas without permission. Plus, it also comes with a second set of magnets to allow you to use it on another gate or door, like a screen door. This means you don’t need to buy another pool gate alarm for a secondary gate or door.

Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm

Adult pass-through button included

It features an adult pass-through button, so adjusts can push to pass through without triggering the alarm. Plus, it also comes with another pass-through button that allows you to set it for your pets and children to pass through. This button has delayed function and can be used for delayed entry from either side of the fence and door.


Due to its water-resistant and weather resistant feature, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Once you set it up, its always-on function makes you not reset it when you need it each time. But, if you use your pool frequently, this feature may be a hassle for you.

Only for entrances

This pool alarm is ideal for protecting gates, doors and windows, but it cannot protect 2 windows, gates or doors that are next to each other. This one is only used to alert you when someone tries to open your door, gate, or a window to enter your pool areas. However, it cannot alert you when someone or something accidentally falls into the pool. Therefore, you need to buy a separate pool alarm to monitor your pool.

Loud enough

The alarm is very loud, up to 110 decibels. Anyone within 100 yards of the alarm can easily hear it and you can as soon as possible know someone one enters your pool area. The alarm volume is about the same as an average car horn. This system doesn’t a remote receiver for indoor use, so those who live in a large house should keep watch with your children when they are playing around your swimming pool.

Powered by a 9v battery

This system is powered by a 9v battery. It has a low-battery indicator. Therefore, you have enough time to replace it before the electricity runs out.


As one of the best pool gate alarms, it features a very loud alarm, effective failsalfes and easy pass-through buttons. Once it is set up, it is able to help parents keep their children out of the swimming pool without permission. Well, it is only a pool gate alarm, so it cannot alert you when someone happens to fall into the pool. Anyway, it comes with basic alerts when someone tries to open the gate or door to your pool areas unsupervised.

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