Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm Review

The Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm features a subsurface water wave detector, so it is able to detect any people, animal, and objects that weighs 15 pounds or more as long as they enter the swimming pool. This best pool alarm is very easy to install, and you just need to mount it to…


Smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm Review

The Smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm features a magnetic sensor. When someone opens a widow, gate, or a door, it will sound an alarm. Once the barrier is broken, it sounds alarms almost at the same time. This design complies with barrier codes in most American states. This gate alarm has a single pass button….


SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm Review

Nowadays, there are so many homes that have swimming pools in their property. And with every swimming pool, the homeowner needs to be careful with the safety of their young children and small pets. Thankfully, there are pool alarms that are now available to help monitor activity within the pool area. One such alarm system…