Swimming Pool Alarms Buying Guide

swimming pool alarmsWhen May is coming, you should know it is the Pool Safety Month. Well, how to start? When it comes to the safety of your swimming pool, obviously a pool alarm is an essential pool equipment to protect your pets or young children or kids.

However, swimming pool alarms cannot keep your outdoor swimming pool safety, but can tell you what is happening in your pool if someone tries to enter the pool without permission. Actually, they are a substitute for a 4-sided safety cover or pool fence, even if the substitute is a little poor. And to make it more effective, constant supervision, strong pool rules, as well as swim lessons are also required. Sometimes, they also can lead to false alarms, resulting in a false sense of pool security. Therefore, the quality of a pool alarm you choose really matters.

An obvious fact is that almost all the pool alarms suffer from false alarms, if you have read out the best pool alarm reviews. However, this doesn’t mean they are useless. On the contrary, they are still valuable when it comes to the pool’s security. And they can supplement other safety measures around your swimming pool.

In this post, we will discuss several types of pool alarms and you can find their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sub-Surface Pool Alarms

Poolguard PGRM 2 In Ground Pool Alarm

This type of pool alarms normally sit on the edge of the swimming pool or you also can attach one to the swimming ladder inside the pool. They are designed to detect sub-surface water motion, so this design can help to eliminate most false alarms caused by birds or wind.

They have a displacement sensor which can detect an object weighing over 15 lbs. falling into the pool. However, the distance between the sensor and the dropping object should be within 20 feet. Once this happens and the sensor detects the water displacement, the alarm will be triggered.

On the market, there are several brands you can choose. Poolguard is a famous brand and the manufacturer has been in business for more than 30 years. Smartpool also has been producing high quality pool alarm for over 20 years and one of their famous products is the camePoolEye. The AquaGuard pool alarm is new, but it claims it is able to reduce the chances of false alarms by superb ability to ignore water features, wind, as well as some pool cleaners. All these 3 types can be mounted on the edge of your pool. The PE-20 from PoolEy is designed to mounted onto the ladder and you also can mount it onto overhanging the PE-20 of pool coping. The installation is pretty easy without any drilling. For small above ground pools and soft sided pools, the PoolGuard Safety Buoy is a perfect choice. And it is also ideal for outdoor small ponds and fountains. Even if it is a floating alarm, it is able to eliminate most false alarms because of its subsurface sensor to detect water displacement under the water surface.

However, subsurface swimming pool alarms also have their drawbacks. If you live in an area where there are high winds and losts of birds visiting your pool, you may get many false alarms. And other factors may also trigger a false alarm, like pool cleaners, or other water features with a lot of splashing water.

Surface Pool Alarms

PoolGuard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm

This type of pool alarms floats on the water surface and they are normally tied to a twine or string to keep them relatively solid on the surface. Normally, they are placed in the center of the swimming pool. Similar to an old pinball game, they are actually a type of Tilt Alarm. They have a 1.5” sensor ring and a metal rod is hang vertically and suspended inside of the sensor ring. Once the rod contacts the sensor ring, the pool alarm will go off. Once this happens, it probably means there is surface disruption and an object may fall into the pool, producing surface waves. If you are looking for the best surface pool alarm, you can choose this well-known floating pool alarm: Pool Patrol. You also can try this: the PoolGuard Safety Buoy which seems a floating alarm but uses a sub-surface sensor to detect the displacement.

Floating pool alarms are perfect for pools with a soft edge or used in fountains or ponds. However, they may be easy to trigger false alarms, because wind can easily trigger them.

Wearable Pool Alarms

Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit
Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit

This type of pool alarms can be wearable. The Safety Turtle is one of the best wearable pool alarms. You can wear its turtle shaped wristband and once the wristband is immersed into the water and gets wet, an alarm will be triggered at its base station. It is perfect for children and kids. If you don’t want your children to contact water near a pool or sea, you can use this pool alarm.

On the market, there is another pool alarm that is especially designed for swimmers. It is the iSwimband that is worn around the swimmer’s head. If the swimmer who wears this is underwater for over its preset time, it will sound an alert. Normally, the preset time is about 30 seconds. This can help to remind other people to save the drowning swimmers.

This type of swimming pool alarms is perfect to protect children and kids. When your family is on vacation near the sea or just swim with your children and kids, they are deserved to have. Even if you just visit your friends’ homes with your kids, you also can ask them to wear one of them, making sure they are monitored all the time. This can reduce the chance of drowning death

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