Smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm Review

Smartpool-YG03-YardGard-Window-AlarmThe Smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm features a magnetic sensor. When someone opens a widow, gate, or a door, it will sound an alarm. Once the barrier is broken, it sounds alarms almost at the same time. This design complies with barrier codes in most American states. This gate alarm has a single pass button. If an adult wants to open the gate to enter without triggering alarms, he or she can press the button and then there is a seven-second delay which is enough for an adult to pass through. Of course, this model is useful for preventing children from entering fenced-in pool areas. Plus, it is water resistant and can work on any entrances.

Smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm Features:

Smartpool-YG03-YardGard-Window-Alarm1Sounds alarms immediately

This pool gate alarm’s mounts enable you to easily attach onto windows, gates and doors. Once you install it, it starts to work. Its alarm can be up to 120 decibels that are very loud. The alarm will last for 3 minutes or you also can reset it. It will sound very loud alarms once the sensor detects a disconnect. Once you have it, the alarm sounds immediately, so you have enough to enter our pool area to stop anyone getting in.

Loud enough but doesn’t have a remote receiver

Although the alarms can be up to 120 decibels, it reduces to 95 decibels at 10 feet and reduces rapidly as you go far. This alarm doesn’t have a remote receiver, so your swimming pool should be not far away from your house, or alarms may be not audible. If you have more entries to the pool areas, you need to buy more alarms for each door, because one only can cover one entrance.

Pass button for adults

It has a pass button for adults. When the pass button is pressed, there is only 7 seconds for an adult to pass through. The delay time is very short, so you should hurry to pass through the entrance. This button is an instant reset button, 7 seconds later after it is pressed, the alarm will become activated again. Anyone who tries to pass through the entrance should use this button again. If it is installed a little low to the ground, your children may be easy to press it. Therefore, it is recommended to install it on a high fence or a gatepost to prevent your children from entering the pool, ensuring the safety of your children.


The smartpool YG03 YardGard Gate/Door/Window Alarm can alert you immediately when a gate, door or window opens. As a pool gate alarm, it is great for walled or fenced pools. Well, it doesn’t sound an alarm when someone enters your pool. Therefore, you need to buy a pool alarm for this function. However, this alarm is loud enough. Therefore, if someone tries to go into your pool areas without permission, this pool gate alarm can sound a very loud alarm. However, if you have a large house, or your house is far away from the entrance where this pool gate alarm is installed, it is not loud enough. Considering its price, the basic protection it offers is also great. It is highly recommended to buy another pool alarm to work with this pool gate alarm.

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