SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm Review

63595-smartpool-pooleye-above-ground-boxNowadays, there are so many homes that have swimming pools in their property. And with every swimming pool, the homeowner needs to be careful with the safety of their young children and small pets. Thankfully, there are pool alarms that are now available to help monitor activity within the pool area. One such alarm system that you can help you do this is the SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm.

SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm

Monitor your pool all the time

If you have an above ground swimming pool in your backyard, you can install the SmartPool PoolEye PE12 Pool Alarm system so you can monitor the activity in your pool. The alarm can easily be installed onto the side of the pool and keeps track of water displacement through its sensors. Once something heavier than 15 pounds comes into contact with the water in the pool, the alarm will go off. With this 15-pound sensor, the alarm system can keep track off small children and pets that accidentally fall into the pool. You can easily adjust the sensitivity level of the alarm to fit your needs, especially if you don’t have to worry about any smaller pets.

The downside of this pool alarm model is that it does not come with a secondary remote alarm that you can bring with you inside the house. Because of this, you will need to be within close vicinity of the pool so you can hear the alarm once it goes off. Fortunately, the alarm has a very loud sound so it is still possible to hear it when you’re inside your home under normal circumstances. An option is to install the control panel of the pool alarm close to your house instead of on the pool directly. This way, you can hear the alarm easily while you are inside.

Ideal for most above ground pools

Since you will need to screw the system onto the side of the pool, it is not suitable for in-ground pools. It is mainly built for above ground pools. And since it fits over the top corner of a standard above ground pool size, it is not recommended for pools with round or inflated tops. The maximum recommended size of the pool for this alarm system is a 24-foot diameter (round) or 16×32 feet (oval). Since most above ground pools have the same or smaller size, it would be no problem for the alarm system to work.

63595-smartpool-pooleye-above-ground1Powered by 4 AA Batteries

The pool alarm operates on four AA batteries, giving you the option to install it anywhere without needing to plug it in. There’s also a low-battery alert that lets you know you need to change or charge the battery. But if you rarely set off the alarm, you won’t have to worry about the batteries until it runs out on its own. But if you frequently use it, you would need to change the battery more often.


  • Features Patented underwater wave detector
  • Sound very loud alarms
  • Easy to install and use
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to assembly (less than 10 minutes)
  • Perfect for pool less than 16 x 32 ft oval or 14 ft round


Thanks to the SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm system, you’ll have a pool alarm system that can help you monitor your children or small pets. Even though it’s only recommended for above ground pools, you can still get the help you need to keep small kids or pets away from the pool.

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