Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm Review

Smartpool-PE20-PoolEye-Pool-AlarmThe Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm features a subsurface water wave detector, so it is able to detect any people, animal, and objects that weighs 15 pounds or more as long as they enter the swimming pool. This best pool alarm is very easy to install, and you just need to mount it to a pool ladder or pool deck. Plus, it comes with a poolside siren for clear alerts. Its sensitivity is adjustable. This means if you think the initial sensitivity is a little low and it is easy to cause false alarms, you can adjust it a little higher. Or you need to monitor anything that enters the pool, you can adjust it lower. Generally, the 15-pound sensitivity is enough and there are rare false alarms. However, you also can choose a higher sensitivity if you don’t have small pets and your children are older.

Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm

Loud enough

Although this pool alarm only has 1 alarm, it is loud enough to be audible. This means even if you are inside, you can hear the alarm. If you live in a very big house, or you are just listening to very loud music, you may be not hear the alerts. The alarm of this system is together with its control panel, so you need to install this pool alarm near your pool. This also means don’t try to locate it closer to your house, which doesn’t increase the chance of hearing the alerts.

2 ways to install

It comes with all the attachments for installation, including snap-on attachments for installing on a ladder, and mounts for concrete of your poolside. If you want to install this system on the side of your pool, it may cost some time to do that. Of course, installing it on a ladder is much easier, but installing it on the side of your pool is more stable.

An on/off button included

This Pooleye pool alarm comes with an on/off button. When you plan to use your pool, you can push it to disable it not to sound an alert. If your children are older enough, he or she is also able to figure out the control panel and can turn it off themselves.

Works with most home pools

This pool alarm only works with pools less than 18×36 feet. The size it serves seems a little small, but it is enough for most home swimming pools. For smaller pools, it is also enough but you may need to lower its sensitivity for accurate results.


This Smartpool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm features a water wave detecting sensor, a loud alarm and up to 15-pound accuracy, making it ideal for most outdoor in-ground pools. Because it only has a separate alarm, it is not suitable for those who have a large house or often listen to loud music. If it has a remote receiver, it will be better. However, considering its cheap price tag, it is also competitive. In a word, it is able to offer adequate protection in most situations.

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