Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit Review

Safety-Turtle-Child-Immersion-Alarm-KitHaving a swimming pool at home can be very fulfilling and a lot of fun, especially if you have kids. But with kids being kids, it can be difficult to keep track of them and have a watchful eye over them at all times. The swimming pool even poses a threat to their safety since there is always a danger that they would fall in when they are unattended. Thankfully, there are now a number of tools parents can use to help keep their children safe and away from the pool whenever they are busy doing something else.

One of the tools that parents can use is the Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit. It’s essentially a pool monitoring system that makes use of wristbands and pet adapters in order to keep track of small children and pets so parents can be sure they do not fall into the pool when their eye is not on them. The Safety Turtle triggers an alarm whenever the wristband or the adapter gets wet. Through the alarm, you are alerted that someone has stepped into the pool.

Safety Turtle works differently from a traditional pool alarm system. This is because it keeps track of your kids and your pets instead of the water displacement on the surface of the pool. The good news about using the Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit is that it is a fully adaptable system. It permits you to add as many wristbands and pet adapters you would like it to keep track of. However, each wristband needs to be of the same color as it does not work with wristbands from another model.

Another advantage that the system has is that it does not require installation onto a specific pool. This means that you can even use it in a public pool or another friend’s pool so you can keep track of your children. It senses saltwater the same way as it does with fresh water so you can always use it whenever you need to. All you have to do is plug in the system and it automatically connects with the wristbands. There’s no additional setup necessary.

Since the wristbands are securely fastened onto the wrist of your child with a key, they cannot take it off without your consent. The wristwatch is ideal as a temporary solution to keep watch of your child or pet. Unfortunately, it was not designed for constant use as your child or pet will have to keep wearing the wristband so he can be protected at all times. The Safety Turtle system is generally just an easy way you can make sure your small children or pets are out of the water when other people are using the pool or when you’re at the beach. You can keep track of your children with the wristbands as you talk with some guests or do some chores. However, the wristwatch should not be used for too long with an open pool.

While the Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm Kit is not like traditional pool alarms, it does help in making sure your child doesn’t go to the pool without your supervision. And even though it is not recommended for daily use, it can help occasionally. The ideal time to use the wristband on your child is when you are at a water park, a community pool, a friend’s pool, or even when you’re vacationing at a lake or at the beach.

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