Review of the Best Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool

Salt water pools systems are becoming more popular among many homeowners these days. These pool systems offer more added benefits to the skin compared to chlorinated pool systems. They also have other advantages compared to traditional pools, including lower maintenance requirements, lesser expenses, and a smaller amount of chemicals.

Chlorine content in salt water pools is lower. You will avoid itchy skin and red eyes when low salt levels are used. It will also give you a better feeling since the pool has a small amount of chemicals. Maintaining a salt water pool is easy. It requires lesser adjustments on the chemicals used. The water of your pool is also healthier.

Things to Condider When buying a Salt Water Pool System

When you are thinking of getting a salt water generator or salt chlorine generator, it is advisable to do your research. Be informed of the things you need to know before buying the salt water pool system.


Maintaining salt water pools is easier compared to traditional swimming pools. You can monitor natural chlorine production on the pool water at least once a week. There may be instances when you have to balance out the water. Aside from that, you have nothing else to do but to enjoy the pool.

Salt water pools are ideal for people who are always busy and cannot check on their pool all the time. The continuous natural chlorine supply from salt removes all issues affecting traditional pool maintenance.

Eye Contact

There are a number of people who avoid swimming in the sea since their eyes might itch as they swim. They think the same thing will happen with salt water pools. But, this is not true. Salt content on salt water pools is only ten percent of salt level in the sea. The low salt content can allow you to go underwater without goggles.


While the pool is salty, you will not taste the salt while swimming in a salt water pool. People are even unaware that they are swimming in a salt water pool. Tasting a little salt is better compared to tasting chlorine while swimming.

Pool Equipment

The materials used on the pool determine whether salt water systems will affect the equipment or not. Fiberglass pools can last longer compared to concrete pools when a salt water system is used. But, this is not a problem for pool equipment all the time. You only have to find a replacement when a component has issues.

Best Salt Water Pool System

Saltwater-Electrocatalytic-Oxidation-7000-Gallon-110-120VThe Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System is among the best salt water pool systems on the market. It uses two-stage technology to maintain the cleanliness of the pool.

The system provides all the advantages offered by salt water systems. It also has less chlorine content compared to similar salt water systems in the market. The requirements of the system are as follows:

  • It can be used on a pool with a maximum capacity of 15,000 gallons or 56,800 liters.
  • An automatic clock cycle of 24 hours
  • The flow rate of the filter pump is between 700gph and 3,000gph or 2,650lph and 11,355lph.
  • A 12-gallon per hour chlorine output
  • 110V to 120V featuring a ground fault circuit interrupter o GFCI.

This salt water pool system is easy to install and operate. In addition, it can convert a traditional water swimming pool into a salt water pool in less than 12 hours. Even as the Krystal Clear Salt Water System of Intex has some issues with large debris, it can be solved using a net. A pool skimmer or pool vacuum is also recommended to ensure the salt water pool is always clean. If your pool is sparkly clean, you can readily enjoy swimming any time you want.


  • User-friendly system.
  • Easily understandable manual.
  • Cost-effective salt water system


  • Getting a salt water pool may be odd for people used to the chlorine smell of a pool
  • While it is among the best systems in the market offering suitable salt content to the pool, the salt is not enough to allow you to float.
best salt water pool systemWhy you need this  Salt Water Pool System?

Salt water pool systems, like the Krystal Clear Salt Water System from Intex, offer the following advantages:

  • Traditional chlorine used on pools is volatile, dangerous and unsafe. These issues are removed through the use of salt. Sat electrolyzes the chlorine and turns it into water.
  • Pool water is naturally softened. You may not notice the salt level in the pool since it is low. The water does not have any salty odor or taste. It is also clear. Salt levels are only enough to soften the water.
  • The Krystal Clear Salt Water System of Intex removes the need for traditional chlorine. Salt is mixed into the water once unlike chlorinated pools. The water does not need to be replaced constantly.
  • The electrolytic cell of the Intex system re-energizes salt into chlorine. It is then converted into algae and agents that destroy bacteria as it passed through the same cell.

Tips to use

The Krystal Clear Salt Water System of Intex is similar to other salt water pool systems. Check out some hints you can use when you have a salt water pool system.

  • The system is compatible with above ground pools if the pump meets the minimum flow rate.
  • A salt water pool system is ideal for any pool size in all operating situations since the operating cycle is adjustable to any hour of the day.
  • Similar to other salt water pool systems, the Intex system features hose adaptors. These adaptors are compatible with standard pool hoses and fittings.


How many times should I use the salt water system?

Standard salt water pool systems should be used every day. Similarly, the filter pump should also be operated daily. But, some also operate the system on a weekly basis. Operating the Intex systems is determined by the conditions of the location. These conditions include temperature, pool size, swimmers using the pool, and rainfall.

How is chlorine generated?

Sodium chloride or table salt is made of chlorine and sodium. Chlorine is generated when salt water goes through an electrolytic cell. The chlorine is dissipates in the water. The continuous process removes bacteria and algae. It also oxidizes a number of the organic materials in the pool.

Can I use iodized salt?

The water will have a yellowish tint due to the iodine content of iodized salt. It will also cause the electrolytic cell to deteriorate.

Can salt affect vinyl?

Salt has no effect on vinyl. The salt water pool system produces gentler salt and chlorine compared to traditional packaged chlorine. The chlorine it produces is also better compared to chemically-treated pool water. The chemical used may be unsafe.

Do salt water pool systems clean dirt from the floor of the pool?

Salt water pool systems cannot clean dirt from the floor of a pool. It is designed to clean the water of the pool. The system cannot act as a pool vacuum or pool filter. It cannot be used as a pool water pump. You have to use an automatic or manual pool vacuum to clean dirt from the floor of the pool. But, the water should be removed before you can do this.

Can you safely swim in the pool while the Intex system is operational?

The salt water pool system should not be operated while swimmers are in the pool due to local, state, national, and international standards.


A salt water pool system, such as the Krystal Clear Salt Water System of Intex, is ideal for people looking for an eco-friendly salt water pool system. It is reasonably-priced and user-friendly. You should think about getting one for your swimming pool.

The salt water pool systems of IntexIntex Salt Water Pool System is among the best in the market. You family will enjoy the benefits of the salt water pool system if you decide to get one for your pool.

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