Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm Review

Poolguard-PGRM-SB-Safety-Buoy-AlarmThe Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm is very large pool alarm. This best buoy alarm floats on the water surface and it works perfectly with any above-ground pool. If someone enters your swimming pool, it will alert you in time, so you have enough time to react. Thanks to its sub surface sensing technology, it is able to detect water waves that are caused by someone enters your swimming pool, an animal happens to jumps in the pool or a large object happens to drop into the pool. Besides working with most standard above swimming pools, it also works with hot tubs.

Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm Features

Sleep mode means ease and convenience of use

If you want to use your swimming pool, you can make it into a sleep mode and get it out of your pool. Very simple, isn’t it? The order is important. If you get it out from the water but not put it into the sleep mode, you will get an alarm. This design can prevent human intervention. It also comes with a remote receiver that allows you put in your home. The receiver can work even if it is 200 feet far away from its pool alarm. Therefore, you can hear the alarm indoors if someone or something triggers the alarm outside. The pool alarm outside will also sound unless you turn it off manually. Therefore, both the indoor and outdoor alerts enable you not to miss any alert when there is something going on in your pool.

Not easy to sound a false alarm

Although buoy pool alarms tend to sound an alarm more easily than other types of pool alarms, this Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm compensates for small objects (toys, branches etc.) and wind to reduce the chance of sounding a false alarm.

Powered by a 9v battery

This buoy pool alarm is powered by a 9v battery and before the battery dies, the low-battery indicator can tell you and you will get chirps every 20 seconds. This design is great, because you will not miss replacing the battery. However, if you don’t immediately change the battery, this also can accelerate the failure of the battery, making your pool out of monitoring. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to change it as soon as possible.

Easy to install and set up

In fact, this pool alarm can start up immediately and run a test once it is dropped into the swimming pool, so you don’t need to do other things. You also can drop it into any pool and it will work immediately without installation. This feature is great. For example, if you want to prevent kids from entering neighbors’ or friends pools during vacations or parties, you just need to throw it into the pool. This Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm can work with any pool that is less than 16 x 32 feet. Therefore, large or commercial swimming pools are not appropriate.


Because Almost no installation is needed and it has a sensitive and accurate sensor and its special sleep mode, the Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm is able to provide simple protection for your pools. It is specifically designed for use in above-ground pools.

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