Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm Review

Poolguard-DAPT-2-Water-Hazard-AlarmSecuring your swimming pool should be made complete by installing the Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm. With this piece of equipment, you can be guaranteed that you will receive a notification whenever someone enters your pool without your permission. This helps you avoid dealing with pool-related accidents so you do not have to worry about unsupervised swimming. The alarm simply needs to be installed onto the side of a pool for its electronic sensor to start monitoring the displaced water. This then triggers an alarm to sound and alert you of unauthorized use of the pool.

The swimming pool door alarm system comes with a poolside alarm and a remote. There is a sleep function for swimming as well as a 12-volt battery included in the purchase. The surface of the water is monitored by the sensor for any displacement. Once something over the weight of 18 pounds enters the pool, the alarm is triggered. This then creates a loud alert noise that can be heard inside the home and the pool. This size is the average for an one-year-old child or a pet dog. Because of this 18-pound trigger, the alarm won’t give you a false alarm whenever toys, small objects or toys fall into the pool.

The secondary alarm has a range of 200 feet, which ensures that the alarm can be heard from significant distances away from the swimming pool. You’ll be sure to hear the alarms since they are at 85 decibels at 10 feet, just under the volume of the sound an average car horn makes. It is loud enough to be audible in most homes. You won’t have to worry about the alarm bothering you or your neighbors as they are suited for small homes and swimming pools that are within close range to the home.

To help secure the alarm, there is a tamper-proof function which ensures young children are kept out of the pool. Once the alarm is taken out of the pool, an alarm will sound notifying you that it was tampered with. And when you’re having guests over for a swim, you can activate the sleep function on the alarm so that it doesn’t activate whenever you’re swimming. However, it will require you to remove the alarm from the pool.

Another feature available on this best pool alarm is that it works well with a solar blanket. This way, you can protect your pool without having to disable the alert. With its 12-volt power supply, you can easily install the pool alarm anywhere and not have to worry about plugs or cables. Since the alarm runs on a battery, you will receive a low-battery alert informing you of when you need to replace it. Once you install it into the pool, the alarm automatically wakes up and does a test alarm. This way, you know that it works perfectly.

The sensor can work in a pool up to 800 square feet, which is around 20×40 feet so you can use it in a small or medium sized pool. However, it is not compatible with inflatable or above ground pools. Thanks to all these features, the Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm makes a worthy investment for your swimming pool.

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