Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm Review

Pool-Patrol-PA-30-AlarmThis best pool alarm: Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm doesn’t only work with in-ground pools but also be compatible with in-ground pools. It is also compatible with a pool less than 20×40 feet, no matter what shape it is. Once a pet or child enters your pool accidentally or without your permission, an alarm will be set off in time. Plus, it is also compatible with multiple pool alarms, which means you can buy another second pool alarm (mostly a gate alarm) to offer extra security to your pool.

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm Features

Best buoy pool alarm

This Pool Patrol PA-30 is one of the best buoy alarms. It floats on the water surface to detect water motion caused by intruders. The installation is so simple. As a buoy alarm, you just leave this alarm to easily float or you also can tie it to the near side that is close to your house, which will not discount the quality of the alarms.

More sensitive sensor

Thanks to its built-in sensor, it is able to monitor the water motion of your pool. Once a wave is detected, it will sound an alarm, because this means something or someone has entered your pool without permission. However, this kind of sensor has its drawbacks. False alarms will be set off easily, because this type of sensor only detects water waves, while others pool alarms detect water displacement or water motion. Heavy wind can cause false alarms. Sometimes, you may feel confused, because you may not know whether an object dropping into the pool or just heavy wind sets an alarm. In order to solve this problem, it comes with sensitivity settings. If you get many false alarms caused by wind, you can lower its sensitivity. Instead, you may need to adjust it to a higher level.

A remote is included

This model also comes with a remote. This means once the sensor detects any waves, an alarm will be set off and you will hear the alarm at the remote receiver (mostly at home) and at your pool. This also means even if you are not near your pool, you can hear the alarm as soon as possible. Any alarm will not be missed. There is also a button on the remote receiver that allows you to turn on or off the remote. For example, before going out, you can turn off it. An indicator will tell you its status. Before using the pool, you also can easily shut off the alarm. Therefore, you will not have any trouble when you get into your pool. This remote receiver is effective if the distance between the pool alarm and it is less than 200 feet. This means even if you have a large yard or house, you can use it and will not miss any alert.

Easily be powered

This buoy pool alarm is powered by a 9v alkaline battery and it also comes with an indoor receiver that is powered by a 120v wall plug. This feature allows you to use its control functions easily and conveniently indoors without going out to drain its battery outside. Plus, it also comes with an indicator that tells you when you need to replace its battery. This can prevent the alarm from dying. Therefore, you pool alarm is always there to monitor your pool. With frequent use, you may need to replace its battery often, which is also a hassle. However, with irregular use, its battery can be durable and can last for a relatively long time.

Product Features

  • Perfect for both above-ground pools and in-ground pools
  • Easy and convenient to install and use
  • Powered by a 9v alkaline battery
  • Durable and can last for several years
  • Include all hardware for installation


Although it is more likely to set off false alarms than other pool alarms due to its high sensitivity, the Pool Patrol PA-30 pool alarm can offer you adequate protection for both above ground pools or in-ground pools. The combination of remote receiver and remote pool alarm make it so convenient to use. If you pool is large, or you live in a big house, or you are far away from your swimming pool, the Pool Patrol PA-30 is one of the best pool alarm you can rely on.

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