What is a Spa or Pool Skimmer Used For?

A pool skimming for the backyard pool is much like the gutter systems in the commercial pool: it has the practical role of capturing debris floating on the water surface like oils (sun block), dead insects, twigs, dirt, flower petals and leaves. The skimmer is designed to capture the debris before it sinks to the…


What do I need to know about the pool pump and motor?

In the long list of swimming pool accessories, the pool pump and motor are one of the most useful and practical pieces of kit. Pump and motor The pump and motor have the practical role of drawing water from a spa or pool to direct it through a heater (if applicable) and filter, it then…


10 Practical Reasons to Invest in a Swimming Pool Cover

verWhile it is essential to clean and maintain your pool at regular intervals, a pool cover further helps by cutting down evaporation, as well as energy costs and use. A  pool cover for your swimming pool is well worth its initial cost. Yes, the pool water may be clean, clear and very inviting to swim…


A Brief History Of Swimming Pools

Image Source: blogto.com Man-made swimming pools can be traced back to 2600 BC. The Great Baths of Mohenjodaro were probably the first intricately-designed watering holes for bathing. These were ancient and detailed baths located in Pakistan. They were made of bricks and plaster featuring terraced decks that are similar to the designs of some modern-day swimming…


Things to Consider When Purchasing and Maintaining Above-Ground Swimming Pools

If it is not possible for you to acquire an in-ground swimming pool, you may want to consider an above-ground swimming pool instead. There are a number of types of above-ground swimming pools, from inexpensive types to up to the grander and definitely costly models. A good number of these pools can be used all…


Infographic: Interesting Facts About Swimming Pools In the U.S.

How Many Swimming Pools In the U.S.? The answer is that there are more than 13,519,000 swimming pools in the U.S., including residential inground pools, residential above ground pools, hot tubs and commercial pools. There are more than 4,544,000 Residential Inground Pools. There are more than 3,535,000 Residential Aboveground Pools. There are more than 5,170,000  Residential Hot Tubs….


How to drain a pool without a pump or with a pump?

There may be instances when you find the need to drain your swimming pool. These instances may happen when the water was not changed for a very long time. This may also be necessary before winter season comes or you simply want to maintain your pool yourself. When you are in this situation, you may…


Top 4 Best Intex Pool Pumps Reviews

Intex pool pumps are among the best and reasonably-priced pumps in the market. All the models of the Intex pool pumps feature a motor, a filter pump, and their accompanying accessories. But, many owners of swimming pools have some difficulty in grasping the concept of maintaining and taking care of their pool pumps. The pump…


How to Efficiently Take Care of a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool maintenance is essential to maintain the cleanliness of a pool, ensuring the water is clear and free of germs and algae. It also keeps the pool in good condition. All of these are done at a reasonable cost. This guide gives you the fundamental methods in taking care of your pool without having…


Swimming Pool Alarms Buying Guide

When May is coming, you should know it is the Pool Safety Month. Well, how to start? When it comes to the safety of your swimming pool, obviously a pool alarm is an essential pool equipment to protect your pets or young children or kids. However, swimming pool alarms cannot keep your outdoor swimming pool…

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