7 Questions to Answer before Buying a House with a Swimming Pool

A built-in swimming pool offers a lot of benefits. These benefits include having a place to cool off during the summer. It can also make your kids popular in school. But, swimming pools are more than just having some fun in the water. You will have to deal with a lot of things with a…


Best Spot for a Hot Tub

Looking for the best spot for the Spa Hot tubs and spas can be easily positioned just about anywhere. Freestanding or portable spas can be placed on the deck, close to a pool, or in the yard. They can even be placed inside the house. You should think the number of times you will use…


What is the best type of pool filter?

You should make sure you are using a suitably-sized pool filter for your swimming pool. This is necessary to ensure your swimming pool has clean and clear water. Pool filters are used in removing dirt and debris. This will allow bromine, chlorine and other sanitizers to remove any bacteria in the pool. You can look…


How to Clean Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Effectively?

Introduction There is a secret to ensure your swimming pool is spic and span. If you want to know what the secret is all about, check the following article. The secret may actually be something you already know. Even with this, I will still tell you what it is. If you are looking for the…


Review of the Best Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool

Salt water pools systems are becoming more popular among many homeowners these days. These pool systems offer more added benefits to the skin compared to chlorinated pool systems. They also have other advantages compared to traditional pools, including lower maintenance requirements, lesser expenses, and a smaller amount of chemicals. Chlorine content in salt water pools…


Best 3 Above Ground Pool Covers

Introduction Cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool are important to allow you to enjoy swimming activities for a long period of time. This article will go through some popular above ground pools. One important factor in the maintenance of above ground swimming pools is performance and usefulness of the cover for your above ground pool….


Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews

You may notice that the heat of your pool gradually disappears overnight. Due to this, you may consider getting a solar cover. Natural water evaporation is the main cause of lost swimming pool heat. It causes your pool water to lose 75 percent of its heat. Two-thirds of evaporation can be prevented using a good…


Best Above Ground Pool Ladder Reviews

All pools need at least one ladder. Since the height of many above ground pools can reach between 35 inches and 60 inches, it will not be easy to climb in or out of it. Due to this, it is important for you to look for the best pool ladders for above ground pools available…

How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub

A basic part of looking after a swimming pool, hot tub or spa is getting prepared for the months when it is out of commission. This time is known as “pool closing” or “closing your pool,” and the most appropriate time to complete this work relates to your region or climate. Pool experts say the…

Backyard swimming pool

How to Save Water for Your Swimming Pools and Spas

Develop Water-Saving Practices for Your Pool Our population today is rapidly increasing and that escalates the demand for water. However, there’s also one big source of water consumption and that’s right in your backyard. The swimming pool, consuming around 15,000 gallons, contributes to the increase in water consumption. The World Water Council is not requesting…

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