Infographic: Interesting Facts About Swimming Pools In the U.S.

How Many Swimming Pools In the U.S.?

The answer is that there are more than 13,519,000 swimming pools in the U.S., including residential inground pools, residential above ground pools, hot tubs and commercial pools.

  • There are more than 4,544,000 Residential Inground Pools.
  • There are more than 3,535,000 Residential Aboveground Pools.
  • There are more than 5,170,000  Residential Hot Tubs.
  • There are more than 270,000 Commercial Swimming Pools.

Pool Safety Facts

The safety of a pool is also very important. However, many pool owners don’t realize this. The below information is interesting.

  • Percent of Residential Inground Pools with Diving Boards: 35.5%
  • Percent of Residential Inground Pools with Pool Alarms: 7.9%
  • Percent of Residential Inground Pools with Safety Covers: 24.9%
  • Percent of Residential Aboveground Pools with Pool Alarms: 2.8%

Pool Water Care

The water quality in a pool is also very important. The following facts also are funny.

  • 85% of swimming pools use chlorine to sanitize.
  • 12% of swimming pools are salt water.
  • 17% of swimmers pee in pools.
  • 35% of people jump into public pools without showering first.

American Swimmers Facts

  • The average person swims in a pool 6 times per year
  • 41% of swimmers are children and teens age 7 to 17
  • 17.4% of swimmers are adults.
  • 65% of people don’t know how to swim!

Top 10 swimming benefits

  1. Good exercise: exercise most of body parts without straining joints.
  2. Body strength: not only tones muscles, but also strengthen bones
  3. Endurance:  improve the endurance.
  4. Fitness: burns about 450 to 950 calories per hour
  5. Osteoarthritis: help to lower the pain, lose weight decreases, and reduces the pressure over muscles and joints.
  6. Improves asthma symptoms
  7. Cool-down: helps muscles in their recovery after an intense out-of-the-pool workout.
  8. Relax: helps in relieving stress.
  9. Self-improvement: gives you a healthy competitive edge
  10. Cool off: the best way to cool off in the sizzling hot summer



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