How to take care of your pool? 5 tips can help.

The following 5 tips for pool care are much easier to follow. Generally, you only need to spend about 1 hour or less on cleaning your swimming pool each week. Each of these tips works synergistically with the others. Therefore, you can always get the best method for pool care.

No matter what types of the pool you have, these tips can really help. For example, you may have a big custom designed swimming pool with fountains and rock slides and this pool can hold up to 35,000 gallons of water, or you just install an above ground pool for your kids. Anyway, you need to take proper pool care on a regular basis to ensure the safety and health for swimmers. And you also need to extend the life of your pool and its equipment.


Good circulation is essential and important for your pool and this also means is more important than filtering water. Good circulation can make the pool water moving and going through the pool filter. Circulation is not only filtering and pumping turnover but also means removing dead spots. These dead spots are easy for algae to grow. In a pool, dirt and debris are easy to accumulate to form dead spots. Therefore, the better circulation means the better filtration, which also means your pool will become much cleaner. Generally, it needs about 4 turnovers to filter all the pool water.

Pool Filtration

backwashing-and-filteringThanks to proper circulation, good filtration is able to remove debris, dirt and even algae and large bacteria. On the market, there are many types of pool filters. Sand filters can remove even the largest particles. In order to remove smaller particles, you can choose some cartridge pool filters. For removing the smallest particles, DE filters can do the job. Generally, each day, you need to filter the pool water for about 8 to 12 hours. Well, it is not recommended to keep the filter working all the time. It is just a waste of money. The only thing you need is to have a timer. And it is also highly recommended to cleaning the pool filter chemically twice each season, because this can help to remove accumulations of oils, greases, as well other waste. If you don’t do this, the pool filter is easy to clog. And just remember each the routing rinsing and backwashing filter cannot remove these bad waste.


Pentair-LL505G-pool-cleanerIn a pool, there are some places where the bacteria and algae are easy to grow, because of little circulation. These areas with little circulation are easy to become cloudy and green. Therefore, in order to avoid this, regular cleaning is essential. The pool floor and walls should be brushed and vacuumed, so debris can be removed, which filtering may fail to do. And manual brushing cannot be replaced by using an automatic pool cleaner and you need to do this once a week. The water line is also needed to be cleaned. Don’t forget this. Cleaning your pool is similar to brush your teeth, so just insist on cleaning your pool on a regular basis.


The water quality of your pool water is also very important. And it is recommended to test the water quality 2 times per week by using some water testing kit. Well, each season, a complete computerized water test and analysis should be done at least 3 times. Normally, each test needs about 1 quart water. Testing the water makes you monitor your water all the time. And you can know what is in your water. Even if the water seems clear, this doesn’t mean it is in a good condition. Serious water problems may cause serious problems for our health, such as colored hair, skin rashes, pool surface etching, etc. Once the water quality is not good, proper calcium hardness, alkalinity hardness and pH adjustment should be made properly. Keeping good water quality is helpful to protect the water filtration system, the pool surfaces. And this also can protect the swimmers from dry skin and red eyes. What’s more, better sanitizer and chlorine efficiency will be got.

Water Chemistry

It is common that many people feel worried about chemicals in the water. Well, don’t worry about it. If you follow the following steps, all the problems can be resolved. And you can always get crystal clear, sparking blue swimming pool that is free from cloudiness and algae water.

Those steps are so easy, just follow them.

  • Keep a balanced level of sanitizer in your pool. Some chlorine sticks or tables can do the job. They can help to maintain a proper level of salt, biguanide and bromine.
  • Shock your pool. You need to shock your pool every week, or at least every 2 weeks. Biguanides shock should be done every 3 to 4 weeks. Once you do that, you will find its benefits. Shocking is helpful to oxidize waste that cannot be filtered by a pool filter and also helpful to break up chloramines that can cause algae growth, cloudy water, red eyes and smelly pools.
  • Algae growth in the pool is very bad. Therefore, it is advised to add algicide every 1 or 2 weeks, which is helpful to prevent algae growth. A good quality algicide can back up the sanitizer and chlorine once it is exhausted because of heavy rain or bather load.
  • Balance the waste. If there is not a good water balance, the sanitizer will not work efficiently or properly. The pool water will become aggressive or cloudy, which means the pH of the water is not balanced, too low or too high. A good water balance also means the good protection for your family and friends who swim in the pool.

The above 5 tips only take you about 1 hour per week, so it is worth doing them one by one. And in the long run, this also means spending less money and time.

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