How to Prime A Pool Water Filter Pump

How to Prime A Pool Water Filter PumpIf your swimming pool pump cannot pump water, this may mean the pool pump has lost its prime. In order to make your pump to move water again, you need to prime your pool water filter pump. Actually, air must be purged from the pump to allow the pool pump to move water again. In this post, we will discuss how to prime a swimming pool water filter pump. The following tips can allow you to get the prime back, so both your pool pump and pool filter system can get recovered.

Turn Off the Pool Pump

This is the first step, but just pay attention to that a pool pump is an electrical system, so there is something that should be considered.

It is not a good idea to do any electrical work (like replacing a light) before hitting the off switch. And this is the same to a pool pump. However, a few steps are required before turning off the pump.

There are some valves on the suction side of the pool pump and you need to close them all, including the skimmer, vacuum lines and the main drain.

If your pool filter has an air relief valve, you need to open this valve in order to release all the build-up pressure.

And then, you need to open the pump’s strainer slowly and carefully.

If the filter doesn’t have an air relief valve, you need to just open its strainer lid little, so that the pressure will bleed off.

Check and Replace Parts

  • Check the lint/hair strainer basket. If it is dirty, clean it out. The basket should not be broken or distorted. If it is not in a good shape, you need to inspect the impeller of the pool pump. And if you find any debris in it, you need to remove the debris. It is a good idea to replace a new basket to protect the pump, if the basket is not in a good shape.
  • The O-ring or gasket for the strainer top should also be clean and in a good shape. If it is not the truth, it will not create a good seal. And you may need to clean it.
  • Replace the strainer and you can use a garden hose or just a bucket to fill the strainer with clean water.
  • And you also can replace its strainer lid, which may help to seal tightly.

Tighten Knobs and Turn on the Pool Pump

  • Knobs should be tightened evenly and you can use your hands to do that. To avoid over-tightening, you need to avoid using a wrench or other power tools. If you do that, you may get broken or distorted knobs. If the lid screws down, just use your hands to tighten it.
  • Now it is time to reboot the pump. Just turn on your pool pump and then only open one suction-side water valve slowly.
  • And gradually, the pump will catch its prime. And it will finally get a good water flow going through.


  • If this happens, just let the pool pump site for 30 to 60 seconds. And the close the water valve, and finally turn off the pool pump.
  • Open the strainer again, and open the air relief valve to bleed off inner pressure again or open the strainer lid if the filter doesn’t have an air relief valve.
  • After finishing the above steps, refill the strainer with clean water and close its lid. And now it is time to turn on the pump. And then open the valve on the suction side.
  • If one time doesn’t work, you need to repeat this process several times. And finally, the air will be purged and you will get the flow of water moving.

Turn on The Next Valve

Once the pump gets its prime back and you see the water flowing through one line, you can open the next valve slowly on the suction side.

And there is something you need to pay attention to:

  • The air should be pulled out of the water line and you can listen to this.
  • Once your pump loses its prime, firstly, you need to close the valve as soon as possible
  • And then you need to make sure the air bleeds out of the line.
  • And you need to bleed the air out of the other lines.

Sometimes, you may find that your pump always lost its prime after turning off. In this situation, you can release the air in the filter – If the filter has an air relief valve – before shutting off the pool pump. You can close the valves on its suction-side before just opening its strainer lid. If you follow these tips, water can be held up to its valve easily, which also means re-priming becomes much easier.

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