How to Get in Touch With Above Ground Pool Manufacturers

GLI-Above-Ground-Fence-SectionGetting an above ground pool is a great idea for the home. But, how can know more about the manufacturers of these pools?

The following list shows different above-ground swimming pool manufacturers and you can easily contact them if you have any question or problem. These types of swimming pools have become popular since the Great Recession. But, some companies closed due to the economy. If you cannot find the company who made your above-ground pool, it may have merged with another company.

Alberca and Chois Pools

The company is the manufacturer of the Malibu portable swimming pool.

It was formerly known as Advantage Pools. It is considered as the Rolls-Royce of the soft-sided portable swimming pool by Chois.

Telephone number: (888) 324-2896

Atlantic Pools

The company manufactures the Liberty above-ground swimming pool.

Atlantic was established in the 1930s. It became among the top producer of above-ground swimming pools after the Second World War. The company offers four types of above-ground swimming pools in the market today.

  1. Classic
  2. Premium
  3. Quality
  4. Specialty

Telephone number: (514) 363-3232

Aqua Leader

The company manufactures the Panama above-ground swimming pool.

Aqua Leader was established in 1975. It is one of the companies under the Wilbar Group. The company is located along the southern part of Montreal, Canada. Synthetic resin above-ground swimming pools were invented by the company in 1986.

Telephone number: (514) 363-3599

Doughboy Pools

The company produces recessed-styled swimming pools.

Doughboy Pools started manufacturing portable and above-ground pools in 1954. It is among the oldest manufacturers of these kinds of swimming pools. They are also an innovator when it comes to recessed pools. These swimming pools provide a feeling of using in-ground swimming pools at a reasonable cost.

Telephone number: 1-866-DOUGHBOY


The company makes round above-ground swimming pools.

Embassy is a part of Doughboy Recreational. They manufacture round above-ground swimming pools and liners. These swimming pools are easy set up. They are also designed to last a long time.

Email address:


The company manufactures heated above-ground therapy pools.

The therapeutic pools manufactured by iPools are reasonably-priced. They are ideal for the backyard of any home. These pools can heat up any workout depending on the model. They help your joints and muscles to relax. These pools are warmer compared to many swimming pools at 92 degrees and 100 degrees. But, they are cooler compared to a spa. Their temperature is ideal for exercising and working on specific areas. A number of models also feature chair lifts.

Telephone number: (866) 337-7766

Intex Pools

The six styles of Intex above-ground swimming pools were also called the Wet Set in the 1970s. These pools are as follows:

  1. Kids Pools
  2. Prism Frame™
  3. Easy Set®
  4. Oval Frame
  5. Ultra Frame®
  6. Metal Frame

The company also offers saltwater systems for use on their above-ground pools.

Telephone number: (800) 234-6839


The company manufactures different types of above ground swimming pools.

Namco has existed ever since the above-ground swimming pool appeared in the market in 1962. This East Coast-based company offers numerous above-ground swimming pools, decorations, accessories, supplies, and inflatable products. They offer anything you may need for backyard swimming pools and entertainment.

Telephone number: (860) 649-3666


The company manufactures the Horizon above-ground swimming pool.

Sharkline is part of Wilbar International. It started manufacturing above-ground swimming pools and liners in 1961. The company started in the basement of the founder. It is still owned and managed by the family of the founder. All swimming pools of the company are manufactured in their Long Island, New York facility.

The company manufactures aluminum, resin and steel pools. These pools have a height of 48 inches, 52 inches and 54 inches. The company also offers the frame and wall used on the pool. It also produces the deck, liner, ladder, and fence for these swimming pools.

Telephone number: (631) 951-9800

Splash Super Pools

The company produces the Dolce Vita swimming pool.

Luigi Spedini established the company in the 1970s.During this time he created a round swimming pool featuring an inflatable collar. Piscine Laghetto sells the swimming pools that became popular in Europe. The company started selling in the US market. It later took on the name Splash in 1986. Among the more popular models are the Dolce Vita and SuperStream line, which are designed to be lap and workout swimming pools.

Telephone number: (800) 92-SPLASH

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