Hayward HP20654T Heat Pro 65000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater Review

hayward-heatpro-hp20654tThe Hayward HP20654T Heat Pro 65000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater is designed as a system to heat above-ground pools. It comes with a sturdy, well-made design, a compact and portable build, and extremely durable parts.

Hayward HP20654T Pool Heater Features:

It is always safer to buy a larger pool heater than you initially think you may need – there is no harm to have a heater that is big, but if you buy one that is too small, you may end up regretting your choice. Thus, the HeatPro heater is meant for pools on the smaller side: specifically, pools smaller than 10,000 gallons (although the heater can manage with pools that are as large as 15,000 gallons). For reference, a standard 10,000 gallon pool would have the dimensions of 14 feet by 28 feet, or a 24-foot circumference above-ground pool. However, both of these measurements depend on the pool’s depth. The heater is capable of delivering 85,000 Btu and can heat water up to 104 Fahrenheit. If you have a spa and would prefer not to constantly use electricity on a specific heater for the spa, this HeatPro pool heater is also capable of taking on that functionality.

The HeatPro pool heater runs on electricity, making it a cleaner alternative to its competitors, many of which use gas. It is made with a UV resistant exterior crafted from stainless steel (which will also prevent rust and/or corrosion, even in the most exposed of locations). As a compact heater, the HeatPro HP20654T will fit wherever you want to put it, meaning it can be placed out of sight under hedges or patios. The fan is protected from contamination by a layer of vinyl.

The HeatPro HP20654T also comes with an included LED screen that displays the water temperature of your pool as well as various settings and options, which allows you to optimize the performance of the heater. With a warranty that lasts a year for defects in manufacturing, three years for the compressor, and eight years for the tubes (which are made of titanium), this heater effectively comes with a guarantee of quality and performance that makes it a far superior option to its competition.

Brief Product Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Pretty easy to install and operate
  • Runs quiet due to Special quiet technology – a profilled fan blade design that can improve airflow
  • Corrosion resistant – even perfect for corrosive environments use like near coastal
  • Digital LED Control Panel for easy read the temperature


This best pool heater is chock full of technology but does not sacrifice size or efficiency; its warranty is one-of-a-kind, and it allows extensive but user-friendly troubleshooting. It will last for a long time, what with its stainless steel body, and will not let you down if you decide to buy it.

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