Hayward H150FDN Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater Review

Hayward-H150FDN-Universal-Natural-ResidentialThis best pool and spa heater: Hayward H150FDN Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater  specializes in rapid heating of any pool, as it delivers a large amount of power. It runs on gas, and is specially protected from corrosion; thus, it works well with pools that are out-doors, such as standard in-ground pools.

Hayward H150FDN Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater Features

At 150,000 Btu, the H150FDN is capable of heating up to 30,000 gallons without losing performance efficiency. For reference, this corresponds to a in-ground pool measuring 20 feet by 40 feet. Even the pump is optimized for efficiency, with fire tiles capable of insulating the tubing and keeping in the heat, thus speeding up the heating process.

No middle man is necessary for buying this heater, nor for installing it: Set-up is user friendly and will require no more than a couple hours and a tool or two. The heater is compatible with pools containing either fresh or salt water, as all the components – right down to the smallest of internal parts – are corrosion-proof, and so can work with saltwater. In addition, a forced and closed ventilation system protects the parts from weather and temperature outside. Thus, the heater will still function in any conditions, even wind, rain, or cold.

One downside to running this heater constantly is that the cost of natural gas can accumulate; however, to eliminate this worry, this heater comes with advanced hydraulics to save you money by controlling when the pump is functioning. The switch to turn the heater on is made of silicon nitride, meaning a pilot light will always be illuminated to warn users that the heater is on and to prevent any possible injuries. Moreover, the heater is designed to meet all emission and air quality laws implemented by the states of California and Texas.

The heater’s control panel has special readouts that can inform the user of the current temperature in the pool, as well as current performance efficiency of the heater. The built-in LED panel also displays the results of automatic diagnostic tests that the heater routinely runs itself.

Breif Product Features

  • Standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger offers superior reliability and value.
  • Patented bypass valve andpolymer header design improve its hydraulic efficiency and reliability
  • Easy to install and versatile for many environments
  • Environment-friendly because of low NOx emissions, meeting or exceeding related air quality emission standards.
  • Most Popular and highly rated


This best pool and spa heater: Hayward H150FDN Natural Gas Residential Pool and Spa Heater, which runs on gas and is good at in rapid heating of large pools. Despite its use of natural gas, the heater is eco friendly and comes with a “safety start” function. There will be no need to estimate the temperature of the pool or to make guesses about how well the heater is performing – the H150FDN tells you everything you need to know.

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