Blue Wave NS6028 SolarPRO Curve Solar Heater Review

Blue-Wave-NS6028-SolarPRO-HeaterThe Blue Wave NS6028 SolarPRO Curve Solar Heater has a compact design and it is specially designed for above-ground pools. It is powered by solar energy, so it doesn’t give off any emissions, which is mainly different from propane or gas heaters. Therefore, this best solar pool heater is eco-friendly and it is able to increase the water temperature without any power from your grid.

Blue Wave NS6028 SolarPRO Curve Solar Heater Features:

Blue-Wave-NS6028-SolarPRO-Heater1Dislike other gas or propane pool heater, this Blue Wave NS6028 is solar pool heater that doesn’t deliver any Btu. On the contrary, this system takes a good use of solar power to heat your pool. Because it is a solar pool heater and only designed for small pools, the water temperature increases much slower than other pool heaters (gas or electric heaters). And it also cannot keep the water at a specific temperature. It is able to increase your water temperature by 5 to 1o degrees F. Generally, in the summer, the water temperatures are higher than in spring. This pool heater is perfect for your swimming pool which cannot receive much direct sunlight. A good suggestion is that a solar blanket can be used to work with this heater to prevent heat from escaping on cooler days or at night.

This best pool heater uses a single solar panel which allows you to directly connect to the pool’s pump system. Of course, you need to find a place to set it up so that it can get much sunlight during the day. Well, the hoses it comes with for installation is not so long. When you need to set it up, pay attention to this limitation. If you locate it at the wrong places where cannot receive much sunlight because of shade or trees, its performance will be discounted.

This best swimming pool heater doesn’t come with any control panel, so there is not any digital display, or monitor system. The installation is very simple. If you need to know the specific temperature of your swimming pool, an external thermometer is a must-have. And this heater cannot be turned off because of no off switch. If you have to stop heating the water, you need to uninstall this heater from the pool pump.

Brief Product Features:

  • Special Curved Shape, great for heat absorption
  • Work with above-ground pools that are up to 30-ft round
  • 2 installation hoses included as well as stainless steel hose clamps


The Blue Wave NS6028 SolarPRO Curve Solar Heater is compatible with above-ground pools which can get a lot of direct sunlight. Once you have it, it can increase the water temperate by 10 degrees Fahrenheit at the most. This seems it cannot make your spa or swimming pool at a comfortable temperature in shaded areas or in cooler climates. This is its limitation. When you decide to buy it, you need to consider this before.

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