Best Suction Pool Cleaner Reviews

The suction pool cleaner looks much like a hose and funky broom head combined. This is a type of automatic pool cleaner that wipes the walls and bottom surfaces, but works with a random movement which can miss the occasional spot. But, this is one of the most cost-effective pool cleaners. They clean both in-ground and above ground pools, so make sure to select the right one.

Best Suction Pool Cleaner

The best suction pool cleaners listed below are based on criteria like build quality, price, versatility and all-round performance.

Baracuda W70472 Baracuda/Zodiac G2 Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

Baracuda-W70472-Zodiac-Suction-Side-CleanerThe Baracuda G2 by Zodiac is a reliable and effective unit that is very easy to use and lightweight. Simply attach the unit to a dedicated vacuum line or your skimmer and it is ready to go. It cleans the pool bottom and walls and is most effective when you have a high-quality pump in place. This automatic pool cleaner is rated #1 for its great effectiveness and price.

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Zodiac-Suction-Automatic-Above-Ground-CleanerThe Baracuda Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner is a perfect choice for the above ground pool. It is one of the most cost-effective on our list. A great feature is the Flowkeeper valve that automatically adjusts water flow to work well with most types of pumps. This unit is even practical for the dished out bottom up to 72-inches. This model is our #1 for the cleaning the above ground pool.

Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Pentair-GW8000-Automatic-Pool-CleanerThe pool cleaner is a bit more expensive than the last pool cleaner mentioned, but it is built with real brushes to give a scrubbing action when vacuuming. It is most efficient on vinyl linings and works well with dished out bottom areas, although the deep dishes may present problems. Use the it as a hand vac attached to a pool or rely on its 5 variable cleaning paths. This is a very versatile and efficient option for the above ground pool.

Pentair K70405 Kreepy Krauly Classic Inground Automatic Pool Suction-Side Cleaner

Pentair-K70405The Pentair K70405 has the ability to give superior results to your in-ground pool. It is built to be reliable with a flapper valve and packaged with a 2-year warranty to confirm its durability. It conveniently connects to the pool pump and intended for in-ground pools to clean any surface. This unit is quite expensive and quite similar in price to certain robotic cleaners, but if you have the money to invest this is the best cleaner on our list.

Kokido Derby Automatic Vac Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Kokido-Automatic-Ground-Swimming-CleanerThis best suction pool cleaner is a no frills solution to clean steel-sided above ground pools. This automatic pool cleaner has just the basics with no high-tech features. It runs via a 1/5 HP pump and for its low investment it can make a great cleaner.

How do the suction pool cleaners work?

The automatic pool cleaner is available in 3 different types.

suction side pool cleaner

The first is the suction side pool cleaner. This cleaner relies on the suction line of the pump to get the cleaner moving around the pool. It is useful for skimming the surface to gather debris, dirt, leaves, etc., as well as scrubbing the bottom surface.


  • Few parts
  • Easy to repair
  • Low pricing


  • Filter is under pressure
  • Pump must be active

Pressure-side pool cleaner

The next type is the pressure-side pool cleaner. This type relies on the pressure from a side line to move the cleaner across the pool. The actual pressure helps with cleaning the pool, although there are several cleaners that can benefit from extra power to complete the best job. They have a personal debris bag and this may need emptying during a single cleaning cycle.


  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Easy to maintain
  • No extra pressure on the filter


  • Pump must be in operation
  • Backup bump may be necessary

Robotic pool cleaner

The last type is the robotic pool cleaner. This unit needs an electrical power source to operate. It simply works by plugging in and leaving it to get to work. They are very effective and efficient in use. Most units scrub the bottom surface. Plus, they are useful for cleaning the wall surfaces. Because it is electrical powered and doesn’t extract power from the pump, it can help to lower running costs and requires less maintenance.


  • High-quality cleaning
  • No pressure on pool equipment
  • Energy efficient design


  • High costs
  • Debris bag to clean/empty

Things to consider when choosing the pool cleaner

When it comes to deciding on the right suction automatic pool cleaner, there are a variety of key issues to consider. Firstly, make sure your existing filtration system and pump is suitable for a suction side pool cleaner. For the filters with limited free power, a robotic pool cleaner may be the preferred option. Also, the amount of pool debris to clean up is one of the deciding factors. The robotic pool cleaners are extremely effective and rarely get stuck in corners or steps. But, they are a little more expensive, the side suction helps those looking to spend less.

So, what suction pool cleaner has the ability to give the best all-round results. The Zodiac MX8 is a great choice – although a little expensive. It has a wide path and large opening to clean that much faster. It functions similar to a robotic cleaner, but hooks up to the filter line, which helps to avoid cleaning a debris bag.

We are going to display our top-rated picks and basic information for the best suction pool cleaners in the market. Our rated models were chosen from a long list of suction pool cleaners and based on a lot of research with customer feedback taken into consideration.

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