Best Spot for a Hot Tub

Looking for the best spot for the Spa

hot-tubHot tubs and spas can be easily positioned just about anywhere. Freestanding or portable spas can be placed on the deck, close to a pool, or in the yard. They can even be placed inside the house. You should think the number of times you will use the hot tub when you are looking for the best spot to put it. It is quite possible for you to use the hot tub more often than your swimming pool.

Convenience is Important

A hot tub can be placed anywhere. But, it is a better idea to place it close to the swimming pool, if you have one.

When the weather becomes cooler, swimmers may want to get into the hot tub. Due to this, it is advisable to position it close to the pool. It is also practical to put the spa and pool close to each other when it comes to electrical and plumbing requirements.

This also makes it convenient at night or during winter. The house will only be a short walk away from the hot tub. This allows you to avoid getting too cold when you go to the house from the hot tub or pool.

Shaded and Protected Location

It is always good to consider the weather of your location when selecting the best spot for a spa. This is applicable for warm climates or climates with different weather conditions. A hot tub should face the southwest. This takes advantage of the daylight hours when it faces the southwest.

For warm or desert regions, the spa should face the north, east or northeast. This protects you from the sun, including the winter season.

If you live in the northern region where the summer is fairly cool, the tub should face the south. This allows you to receive as much sunlight as possible. It also lessens heating expenses.

Wind Factor

The wind should also be considered. If there is too much wind, the edges of your hot tub may not be bearable when you sit on. If there is too little wind, everyone may feel uncomfortably hot and the area will become stagnant.

It is always advisable to find something to protect against the wind. A pool fence or pool cover can lessen the effects of a windy area.

Privacy Concerns

Your spa is your personal space. But, it should not be placed in a location that can be seen by your neighbors. If there are a lot of two-story houses, your neighbors can easily see you while you are in the spa. You should remember this when you look for the best spot. An enclosure can help you maintain your privacy. Another option is a gazebo-like structure with curtains that can be opened or closed.

Landscaping can also help you keep your privacy without having to build a structure around your spa. Small trees, vines or shrubs can be used to cover the spa. They can also allow you to maintain your privacy when you use the spa.

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