Best Pool Testing Kit – Taylor Technologies INCK-2006 Review

INCK-2006If you are looking for the best pool testing kit, this Taylor Technologies INC K-2006 Test Kit is one of the best choices. Taylor Technologies Inc. is a very famous firm that specializes in designing and manufacturing the best pool testing kits. The firm has built its fame for over 50 years since 1960s. And this pool testing kit is one of the best products it provides.

INCK-2006 Features


  • Testing for ph, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Alkalinity and Total and Combined Chlorine
  • Up to Taylor 9058 comparator
  • Up to 75 oz. reagents
  • More accurate results

For people who want to test the pool water quality with ease, this testing kit is good enough, saving you much time. You can use it to test your spa or pool water. As one of the best pool testing kits, its overall performance will not disappoint you.

And with tool, you don’t need to pay extra money for other tools. Each time you use it, you can get effective results with ease. It is reliable enough for water testing.

This testing kit offers many different testing options together, while other tools on the market may not provide so many options for you. This means this all-in-one testing kit offers all the tools you need and you don’t need to buy them one by one, saving you much more money too. This is why this testing kit becomes more and more popular and more and more pool owners choose it. It is able to test more compounds in the pool or spa water.

For example, you can use this INCK-2006 to test for total/combined cyanuric acid, chlorine, pH, alkalinity and chlorine. Therefore, you have enough reasons to choose this as your main water testing kit for your pool or spa.

This model includes an effective comparator, so this feature helps you easily viewing the testing results. The comparator makes it simple to view results. This is another reason that pool owners choose it. If a testing kit is difficult to get results, I think nobody would like to choose it.

Besides easy viewing results, another reason makes it popular is its accurate result. You can use it to get more accurate results than other models, helping you know how to deal with your pool or spa water in the following.

And this product also simplifies instructions. You can follow its instructions with ease even if you are the first time to use a water testing kit. This means you can use it more accurately and much easier, helping you get more accurate results.

This product provides sufficient reagents, up to 75oz reagents. Therefore, you can use it for a relatively long time. And this also can save you some money in the long run.

And this INCK-2006 can give you results in several minutes. This means you don’t need to wait for a long time to get results.

What’s more, this kit comes with FASDPD bromine test kit which can provide the difference between free chlorine and total chlorine.


This all-in-one pool testing kit is a little expensive, but its overall performance justifies its price. With this tool, you can get more accurate results within minutes. It is really a great testing for your pool and spa.

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