Best Above Ground Pool Ladder Reviews

best above ground pool ladderAll pools need at least one ladder. Since the height of many above ground pools can reach between 35 inches and 60 inches, it will not be easy to climb in or out of it. Due to this, it is important for you to look for the best pool ladders for above ground pools available in the market.

Importance of Pool Ladder

While a ladder is typically included in many pools, the quality of these built-in pool ladders is questionable. They are normally made of substandard materials that can easily break. You should remember that pool ladders are the safest and easiest access for the young ones in the family.

A pool ladder for above ground pools is the best option. This makes it easy for children, elderly and physically-challenged individuals, and pets to use these pools. These tools allow them to safely and quickly get into or out of a pool.

Advantages offered by a Pool Ladder

Pool ladders for above ground pools have numerous advantages if you check reviews on the products available in the market. While there are numerous advantages, we will concentrate on the most important advantages offered by these tools.


Pools have always been among the most dangerous areas in the home. The same thing can be said for public pools. These areas are slippery and may lead to injuries. This is one thing you should consider when you are looking for a suitable pool ladder for your above ground pool.

You can prevent injuries caused by slipping by using a suitably-durable pool ladder. The injuries you can avoid due to pool accidents include sprains, broken bones, bruises, and injuries to the spine or brain.

So, getting a durable pool ladder is the most practical enhancement you can make for your above ground pool. The presence of a ladder can reduce any anxiety you may have about the safety of your family.


While swimming is a fun activity, the members of the family cannot help but be anxious about your safety when you use the pool at home. This makes the activity nerve-wracking. It will also not be easy for overweight people to use the pool. But, there are pool ladders suitable enough for people on the heavy side. Some ladders have high weight capacities and railings to make it easy to get in and out of an above ground pool.

Legal Issues

Some localities and neighborhoods also have laws on Premises Liability. These are laws on personal injury cases where injuries sustained in the property of another person because of unsafe conditions. In this situation, persons who sustained injuries within your property can sue you even if you were not at home. It also applies even if the injured person was not invited. You will have to pay for liabilities like lost wages and medical expenses.

Due to this, you should always ensure the pool is well-maintained along with the deck to prevent any possible accidents. Aside from keeping your family safe, getting a pool ladder for your above ground pool also lets you avoid legal problems in the future.

Features of a good pool ladder for above ground pools

  • Sturdiness. Many above ground pools already have a pool ladder. But, these add-ons are normally made of substandard materials that can break easily. A good ladder for these types of pools is durable and strong. It should also have a non-slip feature. These pool ladders should also be rust-resistant. They should be built to last.
  • Safe to use. Pool ladders should have non-slip features to ensure safety. Handrails also prevent accidental falls as well as make entering and exiting the pool safe.
  • Quality of the Ladder. The ladder should be made of high-quality materials. It is important for you to choose well since pool ladders are made of many different materials.
  • Pool Size. The size of the pool ladder should be suitable for the pool. If the ladder is adjustable, it may fit the pool. It will be necessary to measure the pool to ensure it will fit if the ladder is not adjustable.
  • Price. One thing you should think about is your budget when you are looking for a good ladder. You should get the best available pool ladder basing on your budget. But, safety should also be considered when you look for one. The most important thing to think about is its safety features.

You will have an idea about the basics of ladders for these types of pools if you read this article. It can also give you the basis in looking for the best pool ladder for above ground pools available in the market.

Best Above Ground Pool Ladder Reviews

If you are looking for the best above ground pool ladder for your above ground pool, the following models were selected carefully and can satisfy your requirements. They were chosen thanks to their overall performance, ease of use and assembling, high ratings and good customer reviews.

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder

best-above-ground-pool-ladderThese are two-sided pool ladders that offer quality at a reasonable price. But, the price depends on where you buy the ladder. These ladders are good for pools with a height of 48 inches up to 56 inches. They are also strong enough to hold up weights of to 300 pounds. This A-shaped ladder also has a platform as an added feature. The 18 inch by 5 inch steps are also prevents slipping. It also has a padlock for additional protection.

The rolling guard barrier is the best feature of this pool ladder. It can be rolled out when unused. This prevents children from entering the pool if you are not at home.


  • Affordable even though it’s made of heavy plastic
  • Safe and durable
  • Safety Guard system
  • Large top platform
  • Easy to assemble


  • It does not include the tools used in assembling the ladder. These tools may include a rubber mallet, utility knife and Philips screwdriver
  • The 300-pound limit is not good enough for heavy people.
  • Not suitable for pop-up inflatable pools.

46-56 Inch Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool In-Pool Ladder Deluxe Pool Ladder

46-56-Inch-Confer-pool-ladderThis affordable and adjustable pool ladder can be used on above ground pools with a height of 46 inches up to 56 inches. It only takes around 30 minutes to assemble this pool ladder. The 18-inch flat ladder steps are durable and good enough for children to use.

The pool ladder uses strong, high-impact vinyl resin that does not bend even if adults use it. Its best feature is its anti-entrapment barrier. The barrier prevents people from going behind the ladder. But, it needs water or sand to weigh it down and prevent it from floating.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide treads are suitable for both children and old people
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reversible


  • Sand is needed to weigh it down and prevent it from floating
  • Materials of weak plastic
  • Ladder can still float even when it is weighed down with sand or water.

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps – CCX-AG

Confer-CCXAG-4-Step-Ground-Swimming-pool-ladderConfer Plastics has been making high-quality and first-class pool ladders since 1973. This particular ladder model has the same quality offered by the other ladders made by the company. The ladder is durable and usable on both side of the pool. The resin is strong and chemical resistant. It can carry weights of up to 400 pounds. The base pads are adjustable. Its oversized brackets can be positioned on decks of up to 24 inches in width.

You can weigh down the sides using sand or pea gravel. It also has a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. This shows the confidence of the company on the product they are offering in the market.


  • Durable and strong
  • Designed to last a long time
  • The 400-pound weight capacity is ideal for people on the heavy side
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • The handrails may sway
  • Assembly instructions may be confusing to a newbie
  • Your feet may hurt when using the ladder steps

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System

Confer-Above-Ground-Swimming-SystemThe Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System is good for people looking for a well-designed and durable pool ladder. It combines elegance with durability, which is fit for anyone looking for a good ladder. The ladder can be used on round and oval pools. Its system step has a measurement of 32 inches by 47 inches by 58 inches.

The steps of the pool ladder have a measurement of 27 inches by 10 inches by 11 inches. Its molded resin material is durable and chemical resistant. The ladder can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Its material is durable to withstand harsh conditions. Sand or pea gravel is used to weigh the ladder down.


  • Good for heavy individuals
  • The curved steps are elegantly designed
  • Assembling the pool ladder does not require any tools.
  • Suitable for all swimmers, including children and older people


  • Assembly instructions are can be confusing
  • Sand is needed to prevent it from floating
  • Hand rails are not as durable compared to the steps.

Easy Step Pool Entry System with Gate

Easy-Step-Pool-Entry-SystemThis pool ladder is both elegant and durable. It is designed to keep children safe. The spring-loaded and self-closing lockable gate prevents children from entering the pool when you are not around.

It also prevents toddlers or pets from getting into the pool without adult supervision. The bridge system also makes access easy because of its two steps with handrails.

This pool ladder is suitable for pools with a height of 48 inches up to 58 inches. The high-quality resin material is corrosion resistant. Its steps are closed completely by the gate. The ladder is somewhat costly. But, has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Entry and exit is easy
  • Has a self-latching and self-closing gate
  • Durable platform
  • Has two handrails and slip-resistant steps
  • Durable enough to carry up to 350 pounds.


  • Costly
  • The ladder may shake when adults use the ladder
  • Assembly instructions may be confusing


I was able to select the best pool ladder for my above ground pool after looking through the factors mentioned above. But, my choice is not applicable to everyone since we have different needs and standards for a good pool ladder. The values and features offered by each pool ladder allowed me to find the best one for above ground pools available in the market.

I consider the Curve Step System For Above Ground Swimming Pools from Confer Plastics as the best one available in the market. It offers convenience and elegance along with a reasonable price and safety features. The pool ladder is also very durable. While it is more expensive, its safety features makes me confident that accidents will not happen at the pool. It also has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. For me, this is the best pool ladder for above ground pools in the market. In my opinion, paying more for my peace of mind is a great deal.

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