Best 3 Above Ground Pool Covers

swimming pool coversIntroduction

Cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool are important to allow you to enjoy swimming activities for a long period of time. This article will go through some popular above ground pools. One important factor in the maintenance of above ground swimming pools is performance and usefulness of the cover for your above ground pool. There are numerous pool covers available in the market. But, you need to find the best one suitable for your needs. There are three types of swimming pool covers on the market. These are popular among pool owners around the world. This article will give you an idea about these three types of swimming pool covers.

Solid pool covers

Solid pool covers are also called winter covers. These pool covers are designed for above ground pools. They are reasonably-priced and effective. Due to this, many people get this type of cover for their pools. These covers are called solid pool covers since they are made of waterproof materials. Solid pool covers are normally bigger compared to the swimming pool to make sure they cover the entire pool completely. These covers also have a cable that is used in looping into eyelets along the edges of the pool.

You should use a winch to tighten the cable. These covers also protect your pool from dust and animals. While a pool cover offers numerous advantages, it is not easy to remove from your pool. When you see dust and leaves on the cover, you have to carefully remove it from the pool. This is necessary to prevent the debris from falling into the swimming pool. If this happens, you will have to clean up the debris that fell into the pool.

Mesh covers for swimming pools

Solid pool covers may not be for everyone. If you want something else, you can consider a mesh cover. Mesh covers look like nets. They can effectively cover the surface of a pool from dust and dirt. Mesh pool covers are also bigger compared to the area of the swimming pool. Since it is a net cover, it cannot prevent rain from getting into the pool.

These pool covers are effective in protecting your pool from leaves, sticks, and any solid things that are blown by the wind. In addition, they can be easily removed since they are relatively lightweight. These covers are also easy to fold. A mesh pool cover is a good choice for first-time pool cover buyers.

Solar Covers

We will now discuss solar pool covers. Solar covers do not heat up the swimming pool. But, the prevent heat from leaving your swimming pool. Due to this, you will have no issues when you use the swimming pool in the next season. A solar cover is also useful if the swimming pool has a heater. After heating up the pool using your installed heater, you can keep the heat in the pool using the solar cover.

Solar covers are also used by people during swimming season. They do this since they want to swim in warm water. They would heat up the swimming pool water before using the solar cover at night. In addition, a solar cover is useful for swimming activities over the winter. The water is kept warm, which will allow your family to enjoy swimming during the cold season.


These are the different types of pool covers you can consider. Their main purpose is to protect your swimming pool from all kinds of dust and debris. Online sources are also available for the best pool covers for above ground pools. Look for covers with brands since they are dependable and they last long.

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