7 Questions to Answer before Buying a House with a Swimming Pool

swimming-poolA built-in swimming pool offers a lot of benefits. These benefits include having a place to cool off during the summer. It can also make your kids popular in school. But, swimming pools are more than just having some fun in the water. You will have to deal with a lot of things with a swimming pool in the house. One of these things is maintenance. You will also have to handle concerns about safety and liability. Asking these seven questions will allow you to manage any concerns before you buy a house with a swimming pool.

1. Are there any non-swimmers in the household?

This is a question you should ask before getting a house with a swimming pool. You may find it surprising that a number of pool owners are non-swimmers. Some of their children may know how to swim. These situations may be a big problem. When a parent is a non-swimmer, the child will only a have a 13 percent chance of knowing how to swim. This is not a good sign when a life is at risk.

2. Is anyone in the family capable of giving CPR?

Getting trained in CPR is a good decision if you want to have a swimming pool in the house. Giving CPR on the scene while waiting for the EMTs to arrive may spell the difference between life and death.

3. When was the swimming pool built?

Jen Teague, a real estate agent from Keller Williams, offers some questions to ask.

  • Which company built the swimming pool and is it still operating?
  • Does the swimming pool have a warranty?
  • Did the swimming pool go through a major renovation in the last year?
  • Did the owner deal with persistent issues with the swimming pool?

You should look for the pump life of the swimming pool. It is also important to know the maintenance you need for the liner as well granite. Chlorine can corrode the liner after some time. This will give it the tendency to tear easily. After some time granite also cracks.

Michael Kern has thirty years of experience in the swimming industry. He said re-plastering a cement swimming pool is necessary every nine years. The liner of above ground pools have to be replaced every eight years. It is also important to replace the liner of in-ground pools every 20 years.

4. Does the swimming pool have a fence?

Fences are not used to keep children inside the swimming pool area. Instead, it is used to keep toddlers and pets out. The Pool Safety campaign of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission focuses on water safety and preventing drowning. It is important for swimming pool owners to read it. The campaign recommends the four-foot minimum height for the pool fence. It should also surround the swimming pool. A self-latching and self-closing gate should also be used. An alarm on the gate is needed to alert you of any unauthorized entry into the swimming pool.

5. Is a safe drain cover installed on the swimming pool?

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act was named after a girl who was killed in 2002 after she was trapped underwater due to the suction caused by the drain of a spa. It orders using drain covers in public pools and spas. Homeowners can also use a drain cover for their swimming pool. Pool technicians can inform you if you need to replace the cover. It is normally done every five years. The ZAC Foundation supports swimming pool safety laws. The organization also educates children when it comes to water safety. It also explains the difference in pool covers. They also clarify the importance of complying with drain cover laws.

6. What is the maintenance cost of the pool?

Many homeowners have a budget for daily home expenses. It also includes funds for emergencies. But, new swimming pool owners will have no idea about the maintenance expenses it requires. Your agent can provide you with the annual maintenance cost of your pool. This gives you an idea if you can afford the maintenance of a swimming pool.

You should also ask old swimming pool owners the things you need for the swimming pool. They can give you additional tips in owning a house with a swimming pool.

7. How much additional insurance should you purchase?

A swimming pool can be a liability. Due to this, your insurance may change the pricing of your insurance policy. You should look into the cost and details of your insurance policy before you get a swimming pool. Swimming pool owners should get an added umbrella insurance.

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