10 Practical Reasons to Invest in a Swimming Pool Cover

Rectangle-Meyco-Safety-Pool-CoververWhile it is essential to clean and maintain your pool at regular intervals, a pool cover further helps by cutting down evaporation, as well as energy costs and use. A  pool cover for your swimming pool is well worth its initial cost.

Yes, the pool water may be clean, clear and very inviting to swim at the moment. Diligent maintenance will reflect your efforts. But, after a period of wind the backyard pool is soon filled with debris, twigs and leaves. This soon destroys your little place of paradise.

Even though it may be fun to add pool accessories like an inflatable floating bar; the pool cover is much more practical in the long run. But, there is still time to buy this useful piece of kit.

Here are 10 reasons why it is worth buying a cover for your swimming pools:

1 – Lowers chemical use

Sneezes and watery red-eyes are a certain giveaway – the application of pool chemicals can cause reactions in many, ranging from asthma to allergies and irritation. The regular use of a pool cover has the potential to lower chemical use by 35% to 60%.

2 – Slows or stops evaporation

Evaporation is a simple process of a liquid changing into a vapor. This is a major issue with swimming pools and is taking place right now while it isn’t covered.

3 – Keeps out yard debris

Imagine a swimming pool totally exposed to the elements. Things will soon start falling or get blown into your pool: twigs, shedding shrubs, dead insects, dog toys, etc. The next thing you know, you will be outside with a telescoping pole and net trying to gather up the annoying debris. Alternatively, you could simply install a pool cover to avoid constantly chasing the debris issues.

4 – Better heat retention

The swimming pool with a cover in place is certain to help retain heat. This is especially important for the backyard pools that are highly dependent on the sun to generate heat. Covering the pool at night retains more heat and makes it a pleasure to use the next day.

Plus, there is no need to invest in the most costly pool covers to benefit: low-cost solar and vinyl covers are great at keeping the water temperature up.

5 – Less maintenance

Are you are a fan of vacuuming your swimming pool – the answer to this is likely to be a resounding no for most pool owners. By installing the pool cover, the need to vacuum is significantly reduced and makes maintenance that much easier.

6 – Lowers the energy bill

You will know by now the pool cover is a practical solution to cut the cost of running a swimming pool. The pool cover is useful for saving energy for pools heated via solar, electricity or gas. Simply put, save energy to save money.

7 – Save money

There are plenty of things that are well-worth the initial investment. Pool covers are certain to be counted in this regard. It has the ability to provide almost immediate savings. The use of water is reduced, there is less need to buy chemicals, the heating bill goes down, and much more.

8 – Enjoy greater safety

A pool cover made of a sturdy material like fiberglass mesh has the strength to stop a child or adult falling into the water (subject to the proper attachment and installation). Most fiberglass mesh covers have the ability to accept up to 400 pounds per sq ft. A result of this strength is the heavy nature of the covers, so an automatic or manual tracking system is a common feature.

Alternative covers like the solar and tarps do not provide this extra safety feature. So, be cautious of a salesperson attempting to sell you a solar cover or tarp as a safety measure.

9 – Conserve water

The pool cover helps to converse water by stopping the effects of evaporation. This lowers the need to keep adding fresh water to the swimming pool, which is certain to benefit those living in a drought area.

10 – Easy to use

Pool covers are easy to use, especially those with an automatic tracking system that retracts the cover at the press of a button. However, even the manual pool covers with no auto tracking features are still relatively easy to use.

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