10 Great Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Swimming Pool

Pool-CoverYou may maintain and clean your swimming pool and the equipment you use for it. But, you can save on energy costs by using a swimming pool cover. It also reduces evaporation and makes cleaning the pool easier. The cover is one of the things that you will buy sometime in the future.

For the moment, your swimming pool may be clean and well-maintained. It may even be the paradise you are looking for when you reach the house. You put a lot of effort in maintaining the swimming pool. Its cleanliness reflects the effort you are putting in. But, this may change when the wind starts to blow at night. You may find the pool full of twigs, leaves, and other debris when you wake up in the morning. These may have been the result of the wind the night before. It has turned from a paradise into something you do not recognize.

You may be thinking that you should have gotten a swimming pool cover rather than an inflatable bar. But, you can always buy one for the pool. The following are good reasons why you should get a cover for your swimming pool.

Reduces or Ends Evaporation

Evaporation is one of the science topics in elementary school. It is the process where liquid turns into water vapor. This is what will happen to the water in your swimming pool every day if it has no cover.

Reduces the Use of Chemicals

Pool chemicals normally cause sneezing and watery red eyes. They are also the reason for allergies, irritation, and even asthma. A swimming pool cover results to a reduction in the use of chemicals of up to 60 percent.

Allows Heat Retention in the Swimming Pool

Heat loss is reduced when your swimming pool is covered at night. It means the water is warm in the morning. This is ideal since no one wants to swim in a chilly swimming pool. The warmth of a swimming pool comes from the heat of the sun. When you cove it at night, it may remain warm enough in the morning. It prevents heat from getting lost at night when temperatures go down.

You can get a reasonably-priced swimming pool cover to get a good result. The water will remain warm if you use inexpensive vinyl and solar swimming pool covers.

Prevents Twigs, Leaves, and Debris from Getting into the Pool

When the wind blows at night, your swimming pool may have a lot of debris floating on it. This happens when it does not have a cover. The debris may include leaves, twigs, dead insects, shrubs, and even dog toys. You will have to get a net with a pole and fish them out the whole afternoon. But, with a pool cover you would not need to take them out every day. It will give you more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

Reduces Maintenance

Do you like to constantly vacuum your pool? You may enjoy doing this, but it would be better if this activity is reduced. Or you can finish this activity faster. Maintaining the pool is easier when your pool has a cover.

Save Money

There are some things considered as good investments. A pool cover is one of these things. When you have a pool cover, you will save a lot of money. You will have lower heating and water expenses. Chemical purchases will also go down.

Reduce Energy Usage

In addition to saving money, swimming pool covers reduce energy usage. This applies to all pools heated using electricity, gas, or the sun. Lesser energy consumption is equal to money saved. It is a beneficial situation.

Enhance Safety

The fiberglass mesh material of swimming pool covers is durable. It can help anyone avoid from accidentally falling into the water. This is applicable when the cover has been installed properly. A number of mesh covers can support weight of around 400 lbs per square foot. These covers are heavy. They need an automatic or manual tracking system.

But, some covers may not be safe enough to prevent people from falling into the water. These covers include solar covers and tarps. So, you should avoid people selling solar covers or tarps as safety covers.

Saves Water

Swimming pool covers save water by reducing evaporation. Due to this, you will not have to fill up the swimming pool as often as when it did not have any cover. Areas affected by drought will benefit using a pool cover.


Some people can buy automated track covers that can be controlled using a remote control. This system allows you to take away any issues when removing the swimming pool cover. It is similar to the way the Jetsons use their swimming pool shaped like a boomerang while in space.

If you cannot afford automatic track covers, there are other kinds that are user-friendly.

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